My academic and professional trajectory has been informed by a blend of interests, ranging from 20th-century modernist literature to 21st-century AI technologies. Emerging from these seemingly disparate fields is a unique landscape of research, teaching, and learning experiences that continues to drive my curiosity and shape who I am.

As a Postdoctoral Fellow at the MacPherson Institute, McMaster University, I am at the forefront of investigating the dynamic intersections of generative AI, student assessment, and pedagogy in higher education. One of my most notable contributions in this role has been the development of a design framework to help instructors understand the role that generative AI plays (if any) in aligning student assessments with intended learning outcomes, while maintaining a commitment to principles of inclusion and accessibility in their assessment practices.

An introduction to this design framework is forthcoming. Ongoing updates and further insights into my work on generative AI and assessment in higher education can be found at genaiteach.ca, which features an open educational resource repository of innovative sample assessments.

Looking ahead, I intend to continue exploring the symbiotic relationship between technology and pedagogy, potentially developing new methods and strategies within the domain of higher education. However, given my past transitions, from deep literary analysis to the practical implementation of study protocols, I hesitate to make any definitive predictions for what my work might look like even weeks from now.

Apart from being Career Benjo™, my world is filled with the tastes of new foods, the joy of time with my dog, the cozy escape of gaming, the excitement of a basketball game, the tranquility of reading, the warmth of time with family and friends, the serenity of nurturing my plants, and the curiosity of tinkering with tech.